At NEXE Innovations, we are committed to putting the planet first.  Our mission is to eliminate plastic waste by pioneering innovative, compostable materials that break down and can be safely returned to the soil after use. 

Why invest in NEXE Innovations?

  • NEXE’s compostable materials are a sustainable substitute for plastics and ideal for the circular economy by providing a zero-waste solution.
  • NEXE’s first patented product – the NEXE pod – is a BPI certified compostable coffee pod compatible with the leading single-serve coffee format machines.
  • The NEXE BPI certified compostable single-serve coffee pod is a sustainable alternative to the 80+ billion per year global plastic and aluminum pod market. Not only is the single-serve coffee pod market large and growing – it is resilient and recession-proof. 
  • Several key trends support the growth in the compostable materials market, including companies that are seeking sustainable solutions, investors demanding change, and governments worldwide enacting restrictive regulations to reduce plastic use. 
  • NEXE maintains a solid financial position with $24.9 million in working capital at the end of Q3 2023. 

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