Scientific Composting Study

“Soil containing NEXE POD compost had no negative influence on the growth of carrots and onions over a period of six weeks, with no evidence of toxicity to the plants.”

Dr. Zachary Hudson Canada Research Chair in
Sustainable Chemistry, University of British Columbia and Chief Scientific Officer, NEXE.

Industrial Composting Study

“In optimum conditions the pods can be fully degraded within a 35 day process. At an average organic waste facility it would take approximately 70 days to fully degrade. We are working towards BPI certification.”

Terravis Ltd. (Private Sector Compost Study)

Home Composting Study

NEXE’ Compostability test that took place at the UBC Chemical and Biological Engineering Lab in Vancouver.

Involved two 120-liter backyard-style composters were used for the compostability test. Two layers of fibreglass insulation were wrapped around the composter. Forced aeration was provided by an aquarium pump having a maximum capacity of 5 L/min and air flow distribution plenum.

“The pods have demonstrated complete degradation meeting applicable compost quality standards after 12 weeks”

Dr. Anthony Lau Canada Research Chair in Associate Professor, Advisor: MSc, MASC, MEng University of British Columbia





Image: Scanning Electron Microscope images of the NEXE Kup surface: indicating various degrees of ongoing decomposition