100% Plant-Based

Being 100% Plant-based comes with Responsibilities

Our mission is to replace everyday products with 100% plant-based materials.

What motivates us

  • Persistent and uncompromised is what drives NEXE Innovations commitment to manufacturing safe and sustainable products that respect the environment. 
  • Collaborative partnerships and rigorous testing drive our ability to innovate and set higher standards for performance and material design.
    Strong focus on intellectual property, science & R&D.
  • Commitment to the health and safety of our employees and an ever changing supply chain.

We want to make fully compostable 100% plant-based materials more accessible to the world. Based on 5 years of extensive testing and research we believe many everyday products (e.g plastic coffee pods) can be enhanced by utilizing safer plant-based alternatives.


Our innovative patented process utilizes sustainable materials to overcome complex engineering challenges such as heat, moisture and barrier (shelf life), issues that have plagued the $50B single serve coffee / beverage pod industry for years.