At NEXE Innovations, we are committed to putting the planet first.  Our mission is to eliminate plastic waste by pioneering innovative, compostable materials that break down and can be safely returned to the soil after use. 

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NEXE Innovations Inc. (“NEXE”) is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fully compostable materials, revolutionizing the landscape of everyday consumer products and single-use items. Our commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge solutions sets us apart in the industry.


Founded in 2015, NEXE embarked on a remarkable journey, dedicated to transforming the way we address the global plastic crisis. In December 2020, we proudly became a publicly traded company, solidifying our position as a force driving change. While our operations initially thrived in Surrey, B.C., we have since consolidated our efforts at the state-of-the-art Windsor Facility, a testament to our continuous growth and progress.


The NEXE Pod is BPI compostable and complies with rigorous international standards for compostable materials, including AS 4736 (Australia), ASTM D6400 (equivalent to European EN 13432), International standard ISO 17088, and ISO 18606. The NEXE Pod and its components embody our unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.